Friday, 21 June 2013

Henna Cakes And Edibals

Henna Cakes And Edibals
This cake was more for decoration (aren’t most cakes at weddings like that… sad, sad times!) but anyways it’s a real depiction of a typical Asian wedding cake. What you can see is that we have a lot of bling from the gold chain around the cake to the broach itself and the edible gems. This cake was very much a work in progress and it was a good experiment. But I’ve learnt that wedding cakes is definitely where I want to expand the business to. The henna designs lift the whole cake from something simple to something extremely extravagant = perfect for the wedding! My favourite bit about this cake is how everything is linked right from the top bouquet of flowers to the bottom chain. As you can see there is a real pink and gold wow factor about the cake. Have a look at the gold effect on the roses too













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