Monday 2 September 2013

Bridal Mehndi hands With Bangles

Bridal Mehndi hands With Bangles
Applying the henna(Mehendi) and wearing the bangles (choorian) playing a vital role in the women make- up. In Muslim tradition like Eid-ul- Fitar and Edi-ul- Edah and marriage ceremony, mehendi and bangles have significant role and with out these two items women make-up could be not completed. Our beloved

Prophet(PBUH) used mehandi to color his hair and beard and women at that time also used mehendi on their nails and hands, so in this way it has become our religious culture. The old aged women do not like a over make-up and hesitate to colorful dressing but they are found of wearing and apply the mehendi and bangles, while young girls make their pleasures double by adoring the hands and wrist with henna and colorful bangles. With the passage of time the priorities of the human are also changing but the importance of  these two items are  still similar  among the women. In past it was seemed   to be main part of make-up and it is still today. In earliest there were used simple glass bangles and make a henna with grind fresh henna leaves on grinding stone with add oil, which was not properly refined and bring a more darker colour and toothpick was also to make a design in the early days.

But in the modern age, usually women buy ready made cones which are easily ready to use, while the bangles of mettle and plastic bracelets  are increasingly taking place with simple or glass bangles and make with  multicolor stones bangles are also available in the markets which enhance the beauty of wrist. Hyderabad is very famous for manufacturing of bangles and supply to a different cites  in Pakistan, but now beside Hyderabad other cites also taking place for manufacturing of bangles.

Today the use of glitter and shining powder as well as stars is new addition to mehendi designs, which look very beautiful. Whether the marriage ceremony , Eid or other occasions girls are sitting together and love to wear bangles and adore their hands with henna with each other, because it is not only a

fashion but is also tradition. Specially before the Eid these two items have become the most popular among the girls and attract the women irrespective of their age and  temporary Eid stalls set up  selling these two items and throng to these stalls by girls and women like bees to a hive in these days. Specially in moon night ( Chand raat) stalls had remained open till as late as 4 am and women with their families and friends spend whole night to visiting a market and stalls and buying bangles matching with the color of their Eid outfits and applied henna on Chand Raat.

Now from last few years there are increasingly trend for applying mehandi on beauty salon and they are offering different packages for the same, and these packages will increase specially on the night before the Eid ( Chand Raat) and all beauty salons have a special extended portions for application of mehendi. Those women and grils who have no awareness of making mehandi design on their palm it becomes unavoidable for them to go a beauty salon. Now beside the cone mehandi or taking an appointment at beauty salon for putting mahendi, some women look to puchase a tattooed mehandi which is a collection of ready-made designs available in different colours, qualities and prices, you just puchase it and put on your hands and it is not others tattoos which are generally used in west and not removable, mehandi tattoos is just stuck-on that is washable. I think whether it is cone mehandi or tattooed mehandi it is the one way of expressing happiness and joy.

The other tradition regarding mehandi is being celebrated in marriage ceremony is called Resm-E- Henna, usually it take place one or two days before the main wedding day. Today the Resm-e Henna has become the main event in the marriage ceremony and is  being celebrated with singing a traditionals songs and dancing on Dholak by bride and groom’s friends and family members and it is also blessing . This grand affair is generally held separately for the bride and groom and in this function family and friends of the groom bring sweets along with mehendi for the bride and bride’s family does the same for the groom and henna is placed on the couple’s hands, the darker colour of the henna on bride’s hand more deeper is the love of the husband and her mother- in- law. It is saying that a bride does not do any work in husband’s home (susral) unless her mehandi is entirely removed from her hands. It is also saying the  longer it stays the more love she receives from her husband and in laws. Here I also include the truth that some of the customs followed by the Muslims especially in Pakistan have no concept in Islam. However Resm-e-Henna ceremony is also one of them along with its quotes were adopted from Hindu culture.

The art of designing  on the skin with Hanna is not  only famous in Asian countries but it also increasingly popular in western countries. The girls are using mehandi and bangles for their beauty adoration as a natural jewelry.

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