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Top Mehndi Songs List 2013-14

Top Mehndi Songs List 2013-14

Shaadi season is in full swing in. Indian marriages are taking place across the world today. With more and more elaborate weddings being performed time and again, it is no surprise that DJs are minting money by playing all latest numbers on sangeet and mehendi ceremonies. In case you cannot afford a DJ or want to have a customised list of shaadi songs to be played to get your feet tapping read on.

No more is it time to hear the boring babul ki duaey leti ja, the mehendi songs which are played during wedding or at sangeet ahead of the shaadi day are peppy and have a lot of zing. the performances are choreographed well in advance to put up the perfect show on the W-Day.

Here is the list of Mehendi songs that you can play and perform for the couple getting married. Following is the list of most zealous and can-never-go-wrong with Indian wedding songs that you must plan ahead:-

Mehendi Songs:

  1. Mehndi Hai Rachney Wali ( Zubeida)
  2. Mehndi Laga Ke Rakhna (Dilwale Dulhaniya Ley Jayengay)
  3. Bhumbro Bhumbro (Mission Kashmir)
  4. Mehndi Mehndi (Chori Chori Chupke Chupke)
  5. Here is a short list of songs ideal to tease the couples and making them realise that this sangeet ceremony is probably their last chance to back out from the wedding. :D If the bride and groom are sport enough, it would be a great fun.

  1. Maa da Ladla (Dostana) A nice one to tease your soon to be
  2. Zoor Ka Jatka (Action Replay)- Last chance to make the person see light about getting married.
  3. Bhootni Ke (Singh is King) and other song to tease the couple about getting married.
  4. Ek Kunwara Phir Gaya Maara (Masti)
  5. Rookmani Rookmani (Rosa)
  6. Main Joru Ka Ghulam (Joru Ka Ghulam)

List of other feet tapping songs ideal for sangeet and mehendi ceremony are discussed in the next post.
Sangeet songs dedicated to your Father
•    I Love you Daddy- Akele Hum Akele Tum
•    Babul Pyare- Johnny Mera Naam
•    Babul Ki Duaye Leti Ja- Neel Kamal
•    Papa Ki Pari Hoon Main- Main Prem Ki Dewani Hoon
•    Papa Mere Papa- Main Aisa Hi Hoon
•    O Mummy Mummy, O Daddy Daddy- Dewana Mastana
No wedding sangeet complete without at least one song dedicated to mother or father or both the parents. This the time when your life is going to change forever and probably first time your attention and love would be divided between your parents and your wedding partner. It is also probably the only time when you would be able to tell them right in front of the world what they mean to you. This bollywood wedding song doesn’t have to be a very emotional or down right cry baby type, but if that’s what your parents can connect to then go for it!  Your parents have not just well planned the wedding for you, but have given an opportunity to be what you are today. Go take your pick of song dedicated to your mother and father.

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