Friday 5 July 2013

Latest Sudani Mehndi Designs Hands

Latest Sudani Mehndi Designs Hands
Bridal Mehndi Designsmehndi Not Merely Serves To Decorate Bridal’s Hands But Also Celebrated As Rasm-e-hina In Every Wedding. On The Day Of Rasm-e-hina, Bridal’s Hands, Arms And Feet Decorated With Beautiful Designs Of Mehndi. Looking Back Into Time, When There Was No Concept Of Beauty Parlors, Even At That Times, Girls On Their Wedding Day Apply Mehndi On Their Hands And Feet After Preparing It At Home. And Now-a-days, When Beauty Parlors Are In Easy Access, Girls Used To Go There To Have Beautiful Designs Of Mehndi On Their Wedding Day. Beauticians Apply Mehndi On Bridal’s Hands And Feet Very Quickly And In A Skillful Manner So As To Give A Beautiful Look To Bridal’s Hands And Feet. Beauticians Decorate Bridal’s Hands And Arms Both From Front And Back With Beautiful And Very Fine Designs. Bridal’s Hand And Feet Made To Look Prettier By Applying Mehndi. Now-a-days Bridal Mehndi Designs Also Applied In Different Styles Like One Of Them Is “sudani Mehndi”. In Sudani Mehndi, First Of All An Outline Of Design Made By Using Black Color Mehndi, Which Is Easily Available In Market And On Drying Peels Off And Leaves A Black Line. Then Inside Design Spaces Filled With Cone Mehndi. This Style Of Mehndi Gives A Beautiful Combination Of Black And Red Orange Mehndi Design To Bridal’s Hands And Feet











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