Saturday 6 July 2013

Mehndi Stone Stickers Pictures


Mehndi Stone Stickers Pictures
 The mehndi is a form of temporary tattoo, popularly used in various Muslim Arab countries and Asia. It is designed, often along ethnic models more or less complex, especially on hands and feet, because the skin is thicker in these places and by a desire to increase the holding of the color over time. Applied on nails repeatedly, it leaves a brown / dark red and a natural shine. An Arab or Indian woman has often henna on her hands and nails, which represents femininity, one of the secrets of the beauty of women. Religious ceremonies for oriental weddings, Muslim, or engagement, henna occupies an important place."This symbolizes joy, family reunification and ensure prosperity and happiness in marriage. This is an Indian tradition that is sacred. " A legend says that the density of the color of the mehndi is the love of her husband for his wife. A fun tradition that the young ladies who apply henna on the bride's hands hide the original name of the groom, the latter tries to find during the honeymoon!
















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